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New Study Reveals Stem Cell Transplant Can Lower HIV Reservoir

Much like its predecessor—Tuberculosis—HIV’s initial introduction into the public sphere was marked by an onslaught of misinformation and social stigma. While the nightly news was steadfast in covering the various dangers associated with the virus, the entertainment industry struggled to produce story lines and music that accurately depicted the epidemic that would eventually shape the … Continued

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Stem Cells 101 – What are they? How can they help you?

The debate over human stem cells has ranged far and wide over the course of the last few decades.  As we consider the various innovations pertaining to stem cell research and the numerous ethical and political questions that pervade it, getting the real story — where the cells come from, what they do, and why … Continued

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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy For Feline Autoimmune Diseases

Stem cell therapies has great potential in treating a variety of illness and diseases in humans. What people may not realize is that stem cell treatments can also be beneficial to animals. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is an intervention that is showing great promise in treating several autoimmune diseases in cats. The Promise of Mesenchymal … Continued

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Funding of Stem Cell Research is Important to Scientific Breakthroughs

When stem cell research is mentioned, it generates significant controversy. Studies such as embryonic stem cell research has sparked ethical questions nationwide. While stem cell research has produced treatments that can treat a wide variety of diseases, funding stem cell research has met with strong resistance from government officials and lobbying groups. Why has the … Continued

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Important Things to Know About Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cell therapies are an emerging set of interventions that show great promise in treating a wide variety of diseases. From leukemia and skin grafts to bone and eye injuries, stem cell treatments have proven to be effective treatment option. With ongoing research, scientists are learning more about the healing properties of stem cells. Despite … Continued

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Stem Cell Treatment and Vascular Dementia

Stem cell therapy can be beneficial in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. One example of a disease where stem cell therapy can improve the quality of life is vascular dementia. Also known as infarct dementia, this disease alters the areas of the brain connected to intellect, planning, judgment, and other essential brain functions. While … Continued

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