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The advancements of technology and science have grown exponentially over the years in a variety of different focuses. Stem cell research has provided an opportunity to not only treat certain diseases, but also as a way to significantly regenerate the body. There is an abundant amount of information available for those who believe this innovative science can help them change their lives.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the foundation from which all of the other cells in the body are created. They are extraordinary as they can divide in order to create more cells that can be used in the body. These newly formed cells can either self renew or they can be utilized for brain, bone or blood cell functions. These are the only cells that have the ability to generate new types of cells. Stem cells have garnered major attention in the science and medical fields due to their abundant functions. Stem cells are able to grow into nerves, and heart muscle just to name a few. Regenerative medicine is one of the main interests concerning these stem cells as they effectively replace diseased cells within the body. The cells are able to be encouraged to renew damaged tissues for those who need it. This profound science can help people dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. The benefits of working with stem cells only gets better as they can be used to grow new tissues for procedures such as transplants. This is major news for those who could greatly benefit from regenerative medicine. Stem cells have even been used when it comes to testing out drugs for specific treatments. These experimental drugs are used on cells of the body to gauge the quality and effectiveness of the drugs. As mentioned previously, stem cells can be activated or turned on to ensure a specific function. These cells are programmed to become the actually pet of the body that needs to be treated. For example, bone tissue can be created using stem cells in order to test if a specific drug can be used for treatment. This testing is extremely important as it will be able to tell of a new drug will be harmful or produce positive results. With advances in technology, scientists were able to find that embryonic stem cells work very well in terms of treatment potential. These cells are found in embryos that are no older than five days old and carry over 100 cells. The embryonic cells are able to repair or renew diseased organs and tissue. With all over this highly valuable information, you may be wondering how someone can find the right doctor to speak with about the process.

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Finding A Stem Cell Doctor

One of her major steps when it comes to stem cell medicine is finding the right doctor. You want to make sure that the doctor has been board certified in order to ensure the proper procedures will be conducted. This research is vital to ensure any and all stem cell therapy is a safe procedure. Stem cell therapy can be right for you if you are managing with multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Regenerative medicine is certainly on the rise and there are specialized centers that collect information to ensure the safety of the therapy. You should make sure that the center you are going to is registered and permitted to offer this type of treatment. There are several directories available online that can provide highly sought after information concerning a stem cell specialist.

There are many conditions that can be treated using these valuable stem cells. Stem cells have been shown to be a great treatment method for autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, Lyme disease, and psoriasis to name a few. Very serious medical conditions such as spinal cord or brain injuries. This treatment has effectively given those who need it a chance for a better life.

Stem cell procedures have had amazing results to date. You may have run through many options during your search for healing and are now aware of the benefits of utilizing stem cells. The procedure is extremely safe as patients are able to use their very own cells. This process ensure that there isn’t much risk for rejection from the immune system. This practice is crucial to make sure the entire procedure is safe for you.

Finding the Right Stem Cell Doctor

You want to make sure that your provider is aware of the ins and out of stem cell treatment when searching for a doctor. The doctor should be aware of how to extract tissue from the body in order to use for stem cells. The tissue can be found in body fat and taken using liposuction. The stem cells are then removed from the fat tissue for the activation process. This process occurs in a sterile lab where it is prepped to be infused back into the body. This is done using an IV or any other necessary method of insertion. Upholding the highest levels of ethical conduct is mandatory in the medical field. You want to make sure that each and every clinic has been reviewed and approved for treatment. This ensures that the proper protocols and practices have been followed. Stem cell treatment is not supported by medical insurance which is good information to be knowledgeable of in advance. It’s important to do research to determine the total cost for laboratory testing to be conducted. The initial laboratory tests are including in the process but you as the patient are responsible for any additional costs afterwards.

Help is Available

There are centers and hotlines available if you wish to contact someone to assist you with the stem cell research process. These centers will help you decide whether or not you’re a good candidate for stem cell treatment. One of the main requirements for the procedure is to obtain a thorough medical history report. The representatives want to make sure that there aren’t any dormant conditions or issues that can potentially hinder the treatment process. They will contact you once you have been approved for treatment and will start the process for your treatment. There are several available directories with Stem cell doctors for you to look into before making the final decision to find Stem cell doctors near you. Calling one of the hotlines as mentioned above can save you a lot of time in finding the best doctor for your needs. There are several centers that can direct you to a doctor that is skilled in your specific treatment. This method is great as doctors from all over the United States can be paired to handle your regenerative medicine needs. Proper research and planning can ensure all of your needs are met in a streamlined manner, so get started on living your best life today.