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Learn more about stem cell & platelet rich plasma procedures for knee pain and joint damage. Stem cell therapy can treat all kinds of knee problems. Stem cell injections and PRP procedures can regenerate knee pain due to arthritis, ligament injuries and even common injuries such as overuse conditions.

Of all the health problems you experience in a lifetime, knee injuries are one of the common injuries. Many people suffer from chronic knee paid. Whether it is a torn ACL or MCL, a reoccurring nagging pain or because of sports injuries, knee problems are difficult to endure. To find relief, traditional procedures such as invasive surgery and knee replacements have been used to combat chronic knee pain. However, an increasing number of Americans are turning to stem cell therapy for knee pain.

Stem cell therapy can help regenerate healthy cells in your injured knee to help the natural healing process. If you are unfamiliar with stem cell treatments for knee injuries, this article will give you an understanding what stem cells are and how stem cell therapy is a better alternative to surgery. If you are considering stem cell treatments for knee pain, contact the professionals at Stem Cell Authority. We can help you find the right stem cell clinic that fits your specific needs.


You may believe this or not, but your body can heal itself.

Stem cells are one of the body’s natural healing agents. Stem cells have the unique ability to transform themselves into other cell types that help heal injuries throughout your body. While stem cells are valuable in the healing process, the ability for stem cells to form in your body diminishes as you age. Stem cell therapy helps kickstart that process.

With stem cell therapy procedures, doctors extract stem cells from other areas of your body. These healthy and vital cells are then concentrated and then re-introduced to you knee or other injured areas of your body. With this influx of healthy stem cells to problem areas, injuries can heal naturally and at a quicker rate. When compared to knee surgery, stem cell therapy for knee injuries are less invasive and can be performed as a same day procedure.

There are key benefits of stem cell therapy for knee pain. First and foremost, stem cell therapy helps speed up the healing process. Secondly, stem cell therapy reduces pain and decreases the need for medications. Stem cell therapy aids in increasing the range of motion. Most importantly, stem cell procedures for the knee can help you return to a normal life and doing the things you love doing—all in a shorter time frame.

Stem cell therapy is also beneficial for the following:

  • The healing of wounds and incisions following surgical procedures
  • Pancreatic disorders
  • Cardiovascular issues and diseases such as heart disease
  • Auto immune diseases such as lupus and Lyme’s disease

Are you interested in learning more about stem cell therapy for your nagging chronic knee pain? Are you looking for a reputable stem cell clinic near you? Call the professionals at Stem Cell Authority toll-free today. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you in finding the clinic best suited for your issues.


As stated in the introduction, knee pain and injuries are commonplace in the United States. It is important to have a clear definition of knee pain. Knee pain is caused either by injury or disease and can restrict movement, reduce strength, reduce control of the muscles and impact overall mobility. Knee injuries can happen in a variety of ways including sports and recreational-related activities, slips and falls and automobile accidents.

What may surprise you in that 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and knee pain is the second leading cause. One in three Americans have reported they have experienced knee pain at one time or another. Additionally, it is estimated that 100,000 to 200.000 people experienced ACL tears every year nationwide- or one in every 3500 people.

If you suffer from knee pain due to regular activity, a past nagging injury, arthritis, sports activities, or due to an accident, stem cell therapy formulated for knee injuries will help you heal and recover. Stem cell treatments for the knee can help alleviate pain and discomfort for the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis-with this condition, joint cartilage progressively wears away from the knee. As a result, people will experience pain and discomfort that will worsen over time.
  • Meniscus Tears-the meniscus is known as the “shock absorber” of the knee joint. Made up of the medical and lateral meniscus, it helps evenly distributing force throughout the joint. With a tear in either menisci, people will feel significant pain and discomfort with limited mobility.
  • ACL Tear-the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a major stabilizing ligament that helps stabilize the knee. Tears in this ligament are often causes by sudden twisting, stopping, direct contact, or landing from a jump awkwardly. These injuries are common for athletes.
  • MCL Tear-the medical collateral ligament (MCL) runs down the inner part of the knee from the femur to near the top of the tibia bone. This ligament allows you to rotate the knee and prevents it from over-extending inward. MCL tears cause mild to severe pain and cause swelling and stiffness to the knee.
  • Chondromalacia-commonly known as runner’s knee, this condition occurs when the cartilage under the kneecap softens then deteriorates. People who experience this condition often fell a grinding sensation when walking or running.
  • Pes anserine bursitis-this condition results in the inflammation of the bursa sac located between the shinbone and the tendons of the hamstring muscle above the knee. This condition often coexists with other knee ailments.
  • Patellar tendonitis-this occurs when the patella—the tendon connecting your kneecap to the shinbone—suffers an injury. This condition is common among athletes.

Stem cell treatment for knee pain can help provide long-term relief from these and similar knee injuries. Specially-trained and experienced medical personnel can extract healthy cells from around or near that knee. As with any procedure, experience personnel at a reputable stem cell clinic will do a thorough and comprehensive evaluation to create a stem cell treatment program that will have the greatest benefit for you given your specific needs.

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Your Alternative to Knee Surgery

There are many traditional surgical procedures that you can receive to help combat chronic knee pain. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Knee Replacement-with a knee replacement, a surgeon would remove the damaged or diseased knee joint. In its place, a composite knee made up of plastic and metal parts is inserted. This can be done as a total or partial knee replacement.
  • Meniscectomy-this is an arthroscopic procedure in which a surgeon would trim or shave the irritated part(s) of either or both menisci to relieve pain and inflammation.
  • ACL/MCL Reconstruction-which this procedure, a graft would be constructed to replace the damaged ligament. Most often, these grafts would be made from another part of your body such as the tendon from your knee or a hamstring.
  • Microfracture– in a microfracture procedure, surgeons work to create tiny fractures in underlying bone structure. When these fractures are created, it creates a healing response in which new cartilage is formed in the area of the injury.
  • Plica Incisionplica a fold in the lining of the knee jointThis sleeve of tissue is made up of synovial tissue, a thin, slippery material that lines all joints. When irritated, it can cause discomfort, pain, and those affected say there is a snapping sensation when they move their knee. With plica incision, another section of plica is resectioned and replaces the damaged tissue.

While surgical methods to alleviate knee pain are common and popular, they have risks that can make them less desirable options. In the case of partial or total knee replacements, the artificial knee is not as sturdy and sound as the original knee. Replacement knees don’t give people full mobility. For those surgeries which are minimally invasive, there is a step learning curve for surgeons to perform these surgeries correctly. Since they have limited view of the joint, it is very technically demanding, and surgeons need to be specially trained for these procedures.

Another disadvantage to knee surgeries are the cost. For example, the average cost of a total knee replacement is $49,500, which factors in recovery time, the type of implant, any pre-existing conditions and length of time spent in operating room. While partial knee replacements and other knee surgeries cost less, there is definite sticker shock. As with any medical procedure, knee surgeries may not fully help patients, and they may have to return for additional procedures.

Stem cell therapy for the knee is the better alternative to traditional procedures. The main benefits of stem cell treatments for knee pain are the following:

  • Turnaround time-with stem cell therapy, procedures can often be done on the same day. Because of this, you can avoid traditional surgical procedures with its risks and complications.
  • Minimally Invasive– stem cell therapy for the knee is minimally invasive procedure.
  • Shorter Recovery Time
  • No Anesthesia Required.
  • No Risk of Communicable Disease Transmission

Finding a Stem Cell Clinic Near You

If you are considering stem cell therapy for your knee injury, you may feel overwhelmed. You are no doubt concerned knowing whether the doctors and staff at these clinics are experienced, knowledgeable and above all ethical.

First and foremost, the stem cell clinic you are looking at must have the proper accreditation. Look for a facility with IRB (Institutional Review Board) Approval. Providers also need to be fully trained and engage in continuous education to keep up with advances in stem cell therapy techniques for back and spine injuries.

You need to beware of stem cell clinics that claim they can treat a variety of chronic conditions with just one cell type. Be wary of those clinics that claim they can treat your knee injury with cells that are in a part of your body that is different than the areas that need to be treated. Treatment staff at reputable stem cell clinics always perform a comprehensive and thorough evaluation to see if a certain procedure will truly effective in treating your knee condition.

Reputable stem cell clinics regularly publish data regarding the efficacy of their treatments. Stem cell therapies are created through a long and difficult process. Facilities need to report how treatments are impacting a person’s quality of life. They also need to show they are improving stem cell treatments for the knee. Facilities that don’t report on the efficacy of their treatments most likely have protocols that are ineffective and can do you more harm than good.

Most importantly, treatment centers that state that stem cells are a cure are misleading you. The reality is that no treatment procedure is 100% effective. Look for a stem cell clinic that sets realistic expectations and continually works toward improving their services. The bottom line is that reputable clinics strive to improve the quality of life for all their patients. Treatment facilities that are concerned more with profits and their bottom line need to be avoided.

With these factors to consider, you may not know who to contact to help you find the stem cell therapy center that is right for your needs. The number of options that are available can overwhelm you, and without the proper support and guidance you may get more than what you bargained for, and receive poor quality of care. Luckily, the professionals Stem Cell Authority can help you. Our experienced professionals work with only the best stem cell therapy centers nationwide.

From your initial phone call and consultation through to the final admission, Stem Cell Authority work with you every step of the way. Stem Cell Authority will provide the support you need to make the best decision for the health of your knee. Our bottom line is to help you overcome your pain and help you return to the life you love.

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